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Orthodontics and Dental Braces

Dental braces are devices that are temporarily placed on teeth to align and correct them so that many problems of the teeth and such as improper bites, tooth crowding, and crooked teeth gets resolved. Dental braces can be used to help improve someone's appearance.

Dental Braces in Etobicoke, ON

Dental Braces for all Ages

Some people may inherit from their parents, teeth problems such as misalignment, tooth crowding, and crooked tooth. This is observed in children from ages six to twelve years old. Also in the early years, other causes such as extra teeth, crooked jaw, and habits such as thumb-sucking may occur. In such cases, dentists recommend that one should have braces from eight to fourteen years of age for successful results.

For adults, it could be harder to correct tooth alignment. It may also take a longer time to treat since the facial bones have stopped developing. Adults need to wear retainers at night to achieve the best results. Additionally, the misaligned jaw can only be corrected via surgical procedure, hence, the need for orthodontic treatment at younger age.

Procedure for getting dental braces

The first step for obtaining braces entails a detailed evaluation and record taking with the dentist. Dental imprints are taken to make models for further examination and X-rays are taken to study teeth positioning. Measurements of the mouth are also considered. After the exhaustive evaluation, a treatment plan is made. The plan will explain what is going to be corrected, the recommended approach, and how long the patient will wear the braces.

If necessary, teeth extractions are performed before placing the braces. For the 2-phase procedure, appliances such as headgear and palatal expanders are used while the "1-phase" treatment corrects any emerging skeletal growth issue.

While putting traditional braces, brackets are glued to all the teeth using a unique dental cement. The dentist will then place elastic spacers between the molars for one to two weeks before putting the brackets to create space for metal bands along with the attached brackets. These metal bands are usually put near the last molars and can tolerate the forces of chewing better than bonded brackets in the back teeth.

After the brackets and metal bands are in place, a metal wire is placed in the brackets and secured with elastic rubber bands. Elastic rubber bands come in a variety of colours and can be an appealing element in a child's orthodontic experience.

For clear aligner braces, precise dental impressions are needed to have a set of aligners created. The aligners are a series of clear trays that fit over the teeth to achieve movement. Each clear tray is worn for a while before continuing to the next tray.

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