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We accept walk-ins and prioritise emergencies. Give us a call or walk-in if you have any of the following dental emergencies:

  • When bleeding from the mouth
  • Have swelling bulges on your gums
  • Have severe toothache
  • Loss of teeth
  • Experiencing swelling in the facial area
Dental Emergency in Etibicoke, ON


Our dental office is open till night and we are open during Saturdays.


We encourage patients to walk-in to our dental office in case of emergency.


We have created a very professional and welcoming environment for our patients.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, and one needs to be prepared to handle them properly. Being adequately informed can mean the difference between saving a tooth or losing it. One may need to reach a dentist's office urgently, and so having an emergency number available at all times is extraordinarily important.

Types of dental emergencies that may arise:

Broken/ chipped/ cracked Tooth

If your tooth suddenly chips, cracks or breaks first rinse your mouth with warm water. Then the next thing you should do is get a cold compress and apply it on the affected area to relieve pain and avoid swelling. You can also take a few pain killers then rush to your dentist for proper medication.

Broken Jaw

Road accidents often result in broken jaw dental emergency cases. When this happens, the best thing you can do aside from calling for an ambulance for medical officers to arrive is to apply cold pressure on the affected area and help stop the bleeding.

Lost Filling

When one of your fillings falls out that is an indication that there is decay underneath. When you experience this, the recommended thing to do is to temporarily place back the fallen out filling with the help of sugarless gum so that the dental nerves of the tooth are not exposed. If you feel the pain you can apply some clove oil to the area. Then proceed to see your dentist for the necessary treatment procedure.


This is the most common of all dental emergencies. One could develop a throbbing pain, sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, or pain arising from an infected tooth, among others. Make sure there no or food particles or foreign objects trapped between the teeth. These can be removed by dental floss. To help relieve the pain, take a painkiller and a visit to a dentist immediately.

Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked out teeth are common in both adults and children, especially in sports injury. If someone knocks out their own tooth completely then simply ask him to rinse it off with a mixture of salt and water. Never rub or scrub the tooth or any tissue which you may see on it. Take the knocked out tooth and hurry to your dentist office for treatment.

Loose Brackets and Bands

If your braces suddenly loosen, then you may attach it back in place with the help of orthodontic wax. Just apply the wax over the brace so it can act as a cushion. Nevertheless, it is vital that you immediately inform your dentist about it so he or she can provide you other instructions that will help lessen tooth complications in the future.

If you experience a dental emergency, head to Brandon Smiles Dentistry right away, we accept dental emergency walk-ins, and we are open late. We offer convenient dental care, so you no longer have to suffer in your time of need.


We strive on creating great experience for our patients. From opening till late hours including the weekends, crafting great and cost effective offers to welcoming patients in a state of the art dental practice. This is our objective; putting a smile on your face.


We take the trouble of dealing with your insurance company instead of letting you handle it. Unlike other dental practices, we will process the insurance claim on your behalf so you have less worry about the hassle and enjoy our enhanced experience.


We make it easy. We understand that financials could be difficult so we work with our patients to make it less of a burden. We work with our patients to agree small monthly payments if necessary. Just ask our front-desk and we will get it arranged.

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