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Regular dental checkups are important because they can provide long term health of your teeth and gums. They also look into a wide variety of problems, many of which are essential to the patient's overall health. Additionally, the dentist will recommend the right treatment based on the condition of your teeth and mouth, not to mention you will feel better.

Here are some top reasons why regular dental check-ups are so important

  • The dentist might perform professional teeth cleaning, which includes polishing and the removal of tartar, plaque, and other stains
  • Regular visits help dentists get to know their patients' habits and issues, increasing the ability to catch problems before they become health emergencies
  • A dental professional will be able to readily detect and identify possible oral health conditions that the patient is likely to overlook. For example oral cancer, where the symptoms are only noticeable at an advanced stage

What you can expect during your dental checkup
During the dental checkup process, the dentist might conduct the following:

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Dental Examination

Here the dentist will look into the problems inside your mouth. He or she will use a metal probe which will have a small angled mirror to view behind and in-between the teeth and gums. The metal probe will also help in proving how soft the dentin and enamel is. The dentist will look out for any redness, mouth or inflamed gums. Measuring of periodontal pockets is also a vital step in a dental exam. If the pocket is deeper than one and three millimeters, then there is a strong chance that you are suffering from gum disease.


The next step is taking a dental x-ray to ensure that the dentist has not missed out any issue that lies below the surface of the mouth. With the help of X-rays, the dentist will be able to see whether there are any bone loss, fractures or any abnormality underneath the visible surface of gums. After that, he/she will look for issues with jaw alignment, teeth grinding, and oral cancer.

CT Scan

This is a different kind of x-ray used in cases where regular dental x-rays are not satisfactory. The CT scan exposes every part of the mouth using different views and angles. Therefore, the dentist will have a better picture and idea of what is happening in the mouth of the patient. Dentists prefer CT scans when planning to carry out a complete evaluation of the entire mouth.

Dental Consultation & Treatment Plan

If any dental health issues found during your checkup, your dentist will make recommendations for the best treatment plan. These may include additional diagnostic tests, referral to another dental expert or advice to return for other dental procedures, for example, crowns and fillings, or extra oral health care.

If it has been more than six months since your last dental check-up, contact our dentists today to schedule an appointment. Our dental offices offer a relaxing, entertaining environment for patients to feel comfortable and also provide various forms of dental treatment. Not only will the appointments be fun, but they can save your smile and possibly impact your life in a positive way.


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