Dental Fillings


Dental Filings

Dental filling, also known as dental or tooth restoration, is the method by which dentists use to repair teeth, fix cavities, eliminate decay and restore teeth health. Dentist do it in such a way that the integrity, function, and anatomy of the tooth structure remain intact.

Tooth Filling in Etobicoke, ON Tooth Filling in Etobicoke, ON

Why are dental fillings important?

Reduces Chance of Tooth Decay

When cavities are treated with dental fillings, they minimize further damage to the teeth. This is because cavities can penetrate into the nerve endings of the tooth, if not addressed in the early stages. The dental filling acts as a protective mechanism, preventing the spread of tooth infection and assures a long-term solution.

Retains the Natural Look

Filling material is supposed to camouflage itself and perfectly blend with the rest of the tooth. If done with proficiency and skill, a dental expert can give you the perfect natural look as well as prevent tooth decay.

Restore the function of the tooth

When the decayed part of the tooth is removed, and the cavity is filled with restorative material the tooth maintains its natural shape so you can bite and chew normally.

Dental Filling materials

Dental filling uses different types of dental restorative materials. They include:

Composite Fillings

Composite is a mixture of glass and quartz and is white in color. This material is used to fill small to mid-sized cavities. The main benefit of using composite is that the dentist doesn't have to drill as deeply or remove as much of the tooth to make room for this filling. It can also be polished to a very high luster. However composite absorbs stains over time, and it's more sensitive than other types of filling.

Porcelain Fillings

This filling is composed of inorganic materials and is one of the dentist's favorite choices. Porcelain is strong, matches the color of the tooth and does not stain easily. It is also an excellent material for severely broken down teeth. A slight drawback of porcelain is that it can cause wear on the tooth opposite of it if the porcelain becomes rough with use over time.

Gold Fillings

A gold dental filling is the best option when you decide to undergo dental restoration. It is composed of gold alloys in different quantities of gold from 30% up to 90%. They will last for as long as 20 years. However, you must be aware that such sort of durability won't come in cheap. They are expensive, and you will have to spend a lot of time at the dentists' clinic to get them fixed.

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