Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical process performed by a dentist to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars situated at the back of your mouth. They usually come in late teens and early twenties. Most individuals have them extracted for one of the following reasons:

  • They are impacted. Because they are located at the back of your mouth, wisdom teeth may not grow as normal as other teeth. They can be ensnared in your gums or jawbone, which is quite painful
  • They come in at the wrong angle. They may press against your other teeth
  • Your mouth or jaw does not have enough room for an additional set of molars
  • You have cavities or gum disease making it impossible to brush or floss the wisdom tooth
Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Etobicoke, ON

Tooth extraction procedure

Wisdom tooth extraction usually takes place at the dentist's office. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and is performed by either a general dentist or dental surgeon. First, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the gums, so you do not feel any pain during the procedure. However, if several teeth are being removed at once, a general anesthetic might be administered. The type of anesthesia to be used should be determined before the surgery. After you are numb, the gum tissue needs to be cut to reach the root of the wisdom tooth. Then the tooth is gently removed. When the tooth is completely extracted, the dentist will stitch the extraction site to allow fast healing. After the procedure is over, you will rest for a short while then head home.

What to expect after the procedure

It is essential to maintain a proper aftercare routine after the surgery. Here are some tips you should practice:

Take the painkillers which were given to you by your dentist
Painkillers are often given to patients to help relieve pain and reduce the swelling, which can minimize the chances of infection in the area. Always make sure that you finish the course of tablets which you have been given so that they work properly.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
Alcohol can thin the blood and delay the healing process. It can also prevent the blood from clotting properly at the healing site. Smoking can have the same effects. It is advisable that you avoid alcohol and cigarettes for at least 24 after the wisdom tooth surgery.

Modify your diet
Try to stick to liquid foods or softer foods for the first day or two after your wisdom tooth surgery. It is also best to avoid fizzy drinks, spicy foods or hot beverages, which could cause irritations to the site.

Avoid brushing the extraction site
Gently wipe the extraction site with clean, wet gauze, rather than brushing at it with your toothbrush. Until the area has begun to heal properly, intense brushing can set the healing process back. If your mouth feels unclean, use a mouthwash.

Possible complications

While most wisdom tooth extractions end up with temporary complications, some issues that can occur include excessive bleeding, partial numbness, dry socket, trismus or infection on the extraction site.

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